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Image by Kari Shea

About Virtual PT


Virtual physical therapy is accessible to more people. Attending online sessions may be considerably more feasible than traveling to in-person appointments especially for those in rural areas or with busy schedules.


Remote PT management better teaches patients to self-manage their symptoms in their own homes and can grant them a greater sense of independence. The convenience of conducting sessions in-home allows for better carry-over of the information and exercises and gives patients a sense of control over their healthcare process. 


The convenience of virtual sessions is unmatched. We maximize efficient use of your time without having to worry about the commute to and from PT. This means less time away from your family, work, or hobbies. 

What does a virtual session look like?

From your computer, phone, or tablet you will join a private zoom conference for your virtual appointment. Before the session, make sure you have a reliable Internet connection and a space in your home with room for you to move. Position your device’s camera so that your PT can see all your movements.

During the session, your physical therapist may verbally guide your exercises, perform the exercises with you, observe your movements, look for any difficulty of movement, and engage in discussion. In some cases, they may ask you to use furniture, equipment, or basic household items to perform exercises more effectively and safely.

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